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AOAZ was created to share Gods Good News about Yeshua (Jesus) and His Words in the Bible. We teach people to put His Words and Ways into their lives.  We believe God wants us to have a relationship with Him and others, more than just a religion.  We believe God Our Father, the Creator of the Universe and us, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel created us to Love and Obey His Words and His Will... and if we do this,  we will have an abundant life filled with love, joy, hope and a peace that surpasses understanding.

We teach people how to take care of themselves and others, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and financially.

Our Mission: To work together with other ministries and individuals to share God's Good News, His Love and Goodness.

Our Key Principle: We all have three choices in life:

  • We can do it our way
  • We can do it the way others want us to
  • We can DO IT GOD'S WAY... this is our choice ...

Ministries we are involved with:

  • Homeless Ministries
  • Mentoring Ministries
  • Half Way Homes Ministries
  • Prison Ministries
  • After Prison Release Ministries
  • Philippines Outreach Ministries
  • Christian Children's School Ministries
  • Job Ministries (for professionals and non-professionals)
  • Motorcycle Ministries
  • Local and Foreign Church/Synagogue Ministries
  • Productive/Job/Work Skills Ministries
  • Widows and Orphans Ministries
  • And other Ministries as the Lord directs us!

mpchiari@gmail.com or info@aoaz.org

9002 Chimney Rock Rd 277, Houston, Texas 77096


Paul  Direct:  281-944-8028